Dr. Amahowe Ogoudje Isidore

Wed, 08/14/2019 - 20:24
Wildlife and Protected Areas Management, Sustainable Forest management, Project Planning ,
Implementation, Monitoring and Assessment, Predictive and quantitative Ecology, Statistical
analysis and modelling, Assessment of Protected area effectiveness management, Geographical
Information System (GIS), Database creation and management, Environment evaluation,
Conflict resolution, Lobbying and advocacy for nature conservation, administration and
financial management of project, Multidisciplinary team leading, Designing scientific Research
project, data collection, Reporting, implication for conservation and scientific publication.
Institution information

Department of forest planning, monitoring and assessment at Regional Forest office of Lokossa.
Southern-Western Region of Benin.

Civic and professional organizations
  • Word Commission of Protected Area (WCPA-UICN)
  • Global Transboundary Protected Area Network (TBPA)
  • Laboratory of Study and Flores Research (LERF)
  • Laboratory of Ecology and Plant Biology (LEB)
  • West African Network of Forest Biomass Estimation
  • Population Dynamic Expert Group
  • Laboratory of Research and Fishing and wildlife training (LaRFPF). Rural Development Institute (IDR) Polytechnic University of Bobo-Dioulasso. Burkina Faso.
Educational background
  • PhD in Forestry (The highest distinction with congratulations), University of Parakou. Benin. Defended on 14th December 2017
  • Master of Science, Wildlife Population Analysis and Dynamic. Polytechnic University of Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina-Faso. Best Distinction (16.23/20) 2010
  • Master of Art, Protected Areas Management and Assessment. International Institute of Environment and Water Engineering (2IE), Burkina Faso. Best Distinction (16.67/20). 2009
  • Bachelor of Science: Forest ecology and Environmental Management. Polytechnics School of Abomey-Calavi. University of Abomey-Calavi, Bénin. Distinction (14.99/20). 2003
  • University Degree in Sociology-Anthropology. Faculty of Letters, Arts and Human Science (FLASH). University of Abomey-Calavi. 2002.
Featured publications
  1. Amahowe O. I., Azihou A. F., Armand, N. K., Biaou S. H., Séverin B., Dieu-Donné, A., & Salomon, B. 2018a. Constraints of seedling survival and recruitment under adult tree of a multi-
  2. use species Afzelia africana Sm and Pers in Sudanian region of Benin (West Africa). Agroforestry Systems, 93(3), 1147-1156.
  3. Amahowe O. I, Gaoue, O., Natta A., Piponiot C., Zobi, I.C., Hérault, B. 2018b. Functional traits partially mediate the effects of chronic anthropogenic disturbance on the growth of a tropical tree. AoB Plants 1-21. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.drudis.2015.02. 007
  4. Djagoun C.A.M.S. D., Sogbohossou E. A., Kassa B., Akpona H. A., Amahowe I. O., Djagoun J., and Sinsin B. 2018. Trade In primate species for medicinal purposes Implications for Conservation. Traffic Bulletin Vol. 30 No. 2.
  5. Amahowe O. I., Biaou S. S. H., Natta A. K., Balagueman O. R. 2017a. Multiple disturbance patterns and population structure of a tropical tree species, Afzelia africana (Leguminosea– Caesalpinioideae), in two contrasting bioclimatic zones of the Republic of Benin. Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science. DOI:10.2989/20702620.2016.1274940
  6. Amahowe O. I., Natta A. K., Biaou S. S. H.  2017b. Knowledge of Afzelia africana Sm &
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