Conference Venue and Logistics

Conference Venue

The conference will be held at

CSIR-Forestry Research Institute of Ghana at Fumesua

P. O. Box UP 63 KNUST


Telephone: 03220-60370/60123





Please be informed that participants who are not making a presentation during the conference will have to find their own accommodation.  The list below provides a number of hotels and a guesthouse near the Conference venue.  Please book directly at the hotel.  The hotels listed are included in the daily shuttle service from / to the conference venue.

1. Excelsa Lodge
Tel:  0207070017/0206938683/0277712314
Rate ¢135

2. Kosados Arena Hotel
Tel: 0322062254/0209090786/0243129990
Rate: Single Room ¢110
Double ¢120
Executive ¢150
Twin ¢170
Rates for any FORIG booking is ¢110 (single or double)

3. Anita Hotel
Tel: 03220-35550
Rate: Standard Room ¢150
Double Room ¢180
Executive ¢200

4. FORIG Guest house (Bed and Breakfast)
Tel: 0549840808/0209793005
Rate: Guesthouse 1: ¢45 (Shared facility)
Guesthouse 2: ¢80